What is a random video chat?

A random video chat is where you are randomly placed in a video chat room with a stranger. If you and the person on the other end already have your webcams turned on, then you will be able to instantly have a conversation while looking at each other in real time. There are no illusions about what the other person looks like. You just meet and see random people as if you walked up to them in real life.

Why is video chatting better than regular text-based chatting?

The old school chat rooms are only text based. This means you cannot see the other person who you are talking to, so when they describe themselves you just have to take their word for it that they are being honest. Video chatting eliminates the lies and guarantees that you are talking to someone who is accurately describing themselves because you get to see them in real time.

What is the purpose of video chatting?

Camroll is more than just a chat room to gossip in. We want to encourage people to meet and get to know each other on here. In other words, we want you to make friends and maybe even form long lasting relationships with intelligent and sophisticated people.

Is it safe?

Video chatting is one of the safest ways to chat because you get to see who you are talking to. No one can impersonate someone or lie about their gender or age because you will be able to judge these things from their video feed.

Do I need to make an account?

You are allowed to use the video chat service for free as a guest. However, there is an option to upgrade to a premium account which provides additional communication features.

What additional benefits do I get with the paid VIP account?

A VIP account will allow you to have more communication options with other users, such as sending gifts, calling users, creating a friends list and having visible avatars on all users. You will even be able to search for users to talk to by setting demographic filters, such as age, gender and location.

What kind of web software do I need to run the chat room on my computer?

The chat room runs on Adobe Flash. You can download the latest version of Adobe Flash Player for free at the Adobe website.